The Simplest Path to Supplier Diversity Programs

Fill out your company profile - just one time - and easily make it available to corporate buyers from participating buying organizations across the country.

As a diverse business owner, your time is valuable. You can't afford to spend the time required to register as a diverse vendor with every corporation out there. Or can you? What if you could create your profile once, click a few buttons to send that registration form to participating buying corporations with a supplier diversity program?

That's one reason Diverse Supplier Link exists - to make it simpler for you.

To get started, just click on the Register Now button. In 15 minutes, you can set up a Supplier Account, and start registering with the participating Corporate Supplier Diversity programs across the country.

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Are you registered with every corporation you want to be? How much time did you spend registering with your last corporate supplier diversity program? Are you tired of providing the same information again and again to the supplier diversity websites? Where IS the most recent copy of your certification documentation?

Looking for partners? Buyers encourage diverse businesses to partner with each other in order to provide a total solution. There's no better place to discover and connect with business partners than with Diverse Supplier Link. Your data is your own. Your private information stays private, only made available to the Buying organizations of your choosing. Your public information is published by you, when you are ready.

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